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To be an elite athlete "20/20 vision" is not enough.  The visual system can be trained to improve your performance in sports.  Sports Vision is a sub-discipline of eye care that seeks to optimize how the eyes work together as well as with the body during athletic events.  Just as a gym has equipment to train strength, endurance and power, Spring Hill's Sports Vision Training facility is equipped with multiple sports specific vision training devices, tools, and programs to improve the eye's agility, conditioning and coordination skills needed to excel at your sport. 


Take the analogy of a batter in the on-deck circle waiting for his turn at the plate.  The batter usually puts a weighted "donut" on the bat to make the bat heavier.  When he takes off the "donut," the bat instantly feels lighter and he can swing with greater ease.  Sports Vision Training does the same with your eyes.  If your eyes are conditioned to perform under more challenging visual situations, when you are back in the game in "normal" game situations you can perform if everything now is in slow motion or the ball seems larger. 



Sports Vision Training sessions typically are about 45 minutes per week for 8-12 weeks depending on the sport and needs.  To learn more or to become a Sports Vision Training client, please call 931-489-1950 or email us at

Who Benefits From Sports Vision Training?

Athletes of any skill level looking to improve their game or who are looking for an edge.

All ages: Youth, middle school, high school, college, professional athletes or weekend warriors.

Athletes who show little improvement in sports, even with practice.

Athletes who make the same mistake time and again in competition.

Those with difficulty judging ball rotation or knowing where the ball or other players are.

Athletes who lose concentration during sports performance.

Atheltes who notice decreased peripheral vision during sports performance.

Your visual system is responsible for about 80% of how we learn and perform so  just about ANY sport can be improved upon.
It's NOT just for "traditional" sports...consider law enforcement, trap shooting, hunting, archery, auto let us know what you want to improve upon and we'll develop your Game Plan.

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